How It All Works - Joing As A Photographer

As a photographer mychillybin provides a great opportunity to strut your stuff to the world, have your work showcased with other photographers and earn a tidy income.

If you are a professional, semi-professional or good amateur photographer, then this is the site for you.
Getting your shots on-line is easy. It takes just four simple steps.

  1. Join up as a photographer (it’s free!).
  2. Take your photos (and keep on taking them. The more quality shots you have on-line, the more likely it is that people are going to download them and send some cash your way).
  3. Upload your images onto the website, adding a brief description and relevant keywords to help direct potential customers to your photos. Once your photos have been accepted, they will be available for members to view.
  4. Make money! Members use credits to download images. Every credit used, you earn cash. And remember one photo can be downloaded many times, so you will receive multiple earnings.

To keep mychillybin chokka with photos celebrating all the great things about Kiwi life, your images must be of high quality with a Kiwi slant i.e. represent 'a slice of New Zealand life'.
The more images you have uploaded and accepted, the more likely they’ll be downloaded by our members – and the bigger your paypacket!