How It All Works - Licensing

Licenses are a drag. But…, we’ve got to put them in here. To make it as simple and jargon-free as possible, we’ve developed a handy little chart for you to check out. Have a gander. If it’s still a bit on the confusing side, just contact us and we’ll help out.

Standard Licence
(purchased using up to 5 credits (dependant on image size)

  • Web pages
  • Décor in an office, lobby, public area, restaurant
  • Video, film, or television broadcasts
  • Advertising and promotional projects, including printed materials (not for re-sale)
  • Books - covers and/or content (not for re-sale)
  • Editorial use e.g. magazines, newspapers (unlimited print run)
  • Personal use, toolbar skins and mobile phone "wallpaper"
  • Reproduction print runs up to 100,000
  • Used by one person in a company

Standard Licence Agreement in full

Enhanced Licence
(purchased using 12 credits)

  • used by up to 5 people in a company
  • reproduction print runs over 100,000
  • electronic templates e.g. e-greeting cards, web, PowerPoint, screensavers, email or brochure templates
  • Re-sale Items
  • Books - covers and/or content (for re-sale)
  • Up to 20,000 cards & stationery items, stickers, packaging or paper products (for re-sale)
  • Up to 10,000 posters, calendars, mugs or mousepads (for re-sale)
  • Up to 2,000  t-shirts, apparel items, toys, entertainment goods, or framed artwork (for re-sale)

For quantities exceeding the above, additional Enhanced Licences must be purchased.

Enhanced Licence Agreement in full

If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about purchasing images on an exclusive rights basis, feel free to contact us!