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May photo comp Winners

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may competition
Thanks for all the really helpful comments at the forum.  Good communities welcome different views in this way, whilst still maintaining respect for each others work.  Not that these great comments make choice of winner any easier mind you.

A difference of views hinges around how clearly the image needs to align with the subject.  In the competition communications it was stated (only in some cases however) that a loose association would be fine - so the chillys have to apologise for causing confusion on this point.  This being the case though, what to do now?  To be inclusive of those who heard the 'loose connection is OK' message, for this competition (and only for this), the chillys are willing for the connection to be quite loose.  So assessment this time is primarily on NZ connection and image quality.  Here are the shortlisted 6 with comments.

Making me laugh. Great Kiwi people and an activity that connects emotionally with the viewer.  NZness enhanced further with the background flax. Great colour, and composition with both diagonal & thirds elements.

The preference of the chillys would have been for the childs face to be sharp focus, rather than the mans hands / head.  Great image regardless, and likely to sell - need more like this.
Children playing on beaches are very much part of the NZ psyche, and early or late lighting like this produces warm and engaging images.  Good contrast between the girl in the foreground and the background. 

Great offset composition & use of neagtive space (liked by many designers). Differential focus used well to draw the eye to the girl, sand and ditch.  Great stock image.
This is clearly NZ money so an immediate NZ link. Many people will also relate to this being a tip jar at a restaurant. The $100 possibly injects some emotional excitement, tests credibility, or is humorous, whichever way you think - all are fine.

The differential focus and slight shadow add to its depth, and white background suits multiple commercial uses.  Great stock image.
The trees, leaves and people look typical of NZ.  A sense of romance excites the emotions. Great perspective with the 'people gap' nicely aligning with receding lines between the trees behind.

Making eyes (idea by others) is preferred caption - but not sure if the models are OK with that. Would be even better with a more natural expression on the woman's face; great image.

Making a wave. Water sport is also very much a part of the Kiwi psyche. This image has great energy - achieved with the two opposing diagonals in the composition, being close to the action, and frozen spray. 

The light on the wet clinging shorts and legs help make it very real and the viewer present.  Good commercial opportunity.

This image helps represent the cultural diversity in NZ.

The hoop timing is great with the gaps at the front, and the hands confirm dance rather than exercise. The lack of a face, and encircling hoops focuses the eye on the hips.  Would be even better if it included a distinctive NZ visual element as well.  May well find niche uses.

These following 3 images are very creative and are also admired by the chillys - well done Michi, Andrea and Pippa!  The chillys would have preferred the eyes to be open in the bubbles image, more of the ring to be visible in the making a commitment (and focus on the hands), and with the nicely composed silhouette some more Kiwi connection in some way.  Better stop now or we will comment on them all. 
      mychillybin100193_4752             mychillybin101674_668                mychillybin100093_2482

  This month a $50 prize will be awarded to each of the following 4 winning images;

Too difficult to choose an absolute winner between these 4, so a draw was held to see which one will show as winner in the competition page - Making a Wave won.

Remember the June Photo Competition - Portraits at Work (i.e. Environmental Portraiture)
Portraits at Work for the purposes of this competition, should have a person as the main visual subject, with the remainder of the image including an interesting story about their work (i.e. not fully blurred out). Although the chillys value immensely the work of mums & dads at home, this particular competition is for images of people at work outside their family tasks.

Both Editorial and Creative entries will be accepted, although Creative is preferred as this has the widest market opportunity.   Entries will close at 5pm on the last day of June 2012.  Up for a new challenge?  A guest judge has agreed to judge the June competition - thanks Kathleen Shepherd.

Yes you are able to give the person the image to use in their own business, as well as submiting the image to mychillybin.

Thanks again for all the great entires for May's Making ... competition, other images coming in every day - and all courage to you as you approach friends and family etc to act as models for Portraits at Work. 

cheers for now
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