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mychillybin photographers' news  mar 2011

Mid March, so time for an update ... as Christchurch plans recovery, and Japan reels. 

Photo Competition  
Still almost two weeks to get photos entered in the "Kiwis in Context" competition.  Can't win without being in!   Remember also the special prize for the best entry showing two or more ethnicities.  Early entry $50 cafe breakfast prizes have already gone to the first 3 people to enter; Justin Aitken, Andrea Howard, and Alistair Lang.

new chillys 
With mychillybin now well established, the founders (Mel and Rosie) decided late last year to pursue other personal and professional interests, and put the business on the market. As a result there are now 'new chillys' David & Barby Brown, whose transition training by Mel and Rosie is complete.  mychillybin continues to operate daily as previously, and the photographer monthly payments continue as normal. 
The new chillys are seeking to enhance value for all those involved.  The site is being further optimised for internet search, and promotional activities to designers are being ramped up.  Ongoing improvements to site useability for both designers and photographers are also scheduled.  More on these in the exciting days ahead.
 Queries, suggestions or messages? Drop us an email.

The above advert is in this months AdMedia magazine. If you have places where an A3 copy of this can be displayed to help with promotion to designers or illustrators then let us know and we will gladly flick you a few copies (until supplies are exhausted).  
mychillybin is also a Gold Sponsor of Design Assembly this year; gaining great exposure at the first meeting of around 100 designers.

You have probably noticed the red and black front page images showing support for Canterbury.  The chillys are also in the process of contacting all Canterbury mychillybin photographers to see if they still have specific needs that the wider mychillybin community can respond to. We will let you know as any needs are identified.

cheers for now
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fresh NZ images.  one-off low costs.

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