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November 2014 News

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coming up ... rights managed images
Later this month mychillybin photographers will be provided with detail about the release of mychillybin 'rights managed' images.  These rights managed images will supplement the existing royalty free images, and willl broaden the existing market opportunity.

mychillybin rights managed images will be offered to the market in two forms.  With the first form all mychillybin photographers (who so choose) will be able to be involved immediately, and the target is to have this operating and live for customers by the end of this month.  The other form will have a sales qualification threshold, and when photographers reach that level they will be invited to nominate images for moderation for inclusion.

More on all of this as the month progresses.

in the mean time ... can you help?
If you have existing experience as either a customer of, or as a supplier of, rights managed images, especially if in NZ, mychillybin would love to have a chat with you to help fine tune the final points of the mychillybin offers.  Please let us know by email (, and of a likely convenient time for us to give you a call.

recently upgraded
As advised as being imminent in the last newsletter, a new facility has been released to allow photographers to view and edit their images, captions, and keywords whilst they are waiting for moderation.  The access to this facility is in your Profile area.

additional promotion
The following awareness-lifting advertising piece has been produced and laminated to give a premium appearance, and is being distributed this month in bulk to potential new image customers.

 mychillybin promotion

summer photo competition
The mychillybin photographers' summer photo competition will run again with several subjects over the two summer months of January and February 2015.  Subjects are still to be finalised so if you have a superb image you are holding back on waiting for the right competition subject, or just a great subject idea, let us know your suggestions. 


Thank you for all the images that make this all possible, and that our customers have grown to love.  You have helped to establish the most extensive range of exclusively NZ photo images for commercial use, available in the market. 

And soon, mychillybin will become even more than this, adding rights managed images to the mix as well.

cheers for now
the mychillybin team   fresh NZ images. one-off low costs

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