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june 2013 competition - Human hands or feet or eyes.
Another 14 great images accepted from 20 submitted as part of this competition.  See all 14 at this link, or search with Editorial ticked, for 'hfe'. 

Lots of these images are superb in their own right, so to come up with a winner considerable attention has been directed towards the degree to which the image addresses the competition subject, rather than simply including hands, or feet, or eyes.

"Young woman showing excitement and disbelief" has been selected winner due to the sheer impact of the image coming from the dominance of the eyes, and clever inclusion of hands too in a secondary way.  Not sure of course what the surprise is here (could be anything Lotto, he asked me or I asked him, pregnant, or something else instead?).  The chillys also like the offset placement and the present but uncluttered context.  Well done Pippa $200 heading to your account later this week.

Other photographers with good subject alignment and strong contenders were Alistair's Eyes in the Tiger beach towel, Brendon's Inter-locked hands, and Family of Feet from Michi.  As we said earlier other images were also great stock images, but perhaps not quite as closely linked to the subject.

July Competition - Leading Lines (indoors or outdoors)
Subject for July is again something that can be taken indoors or outdoors.  Leading lines referring to the composition tool of using leading lines in the image; straight, curved, diagonal, wavy or whatever.   Two image entries each avaiable this month.  As always, images must be new to mychillybin.  Thanks to Derek Finlay for the competition icon here

Really appreciate the wide variety of images that come in.  It is the breadth of coverage of our images as well as the quality of these images that keep our customers coming back.

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