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coming ...
More of a good thing.  Over the last year the image count at mychillybin has grown by 30%, at the same time as imace acceptance standards have been lifted.  Meaning there are heaps more fresh NZ images now available.  Here are a few - 3 pics each from 3 newer photographers, and then 6 recent images from established mychillybin photographers ... 
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mychillybin mychillybin mychillybin

going ...
Images from Rob Tucker will be available from mychillybin only till early June 2012.  That is, images with the number #100004_xxx.  So if you are working on designs which include his images, your downloads will need to be completed by 7th June 2012.

pub design quiz - design assembly
Following the sellout success of the Herbert Matter movie comes the Inaugural Design Assembly Pub Quiz, on 14th June 2012.  An evening of pure graphic design trivia – sure to prove who the biggest design nerds in Auckland are!

Design Assembly is popular with many designers in the wider Auckland region, so mychillybin is a Gold Sponsor - helping to make these events happen.

thank you again ...
As always, many thanks for using mychillybin images - helping to create an ever larger pool of fresh NZ creative and editorial images specially for designers; supporting our onshore economy, and NZ photographers.  Yea! 

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