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 88 memories of NZ mothers

mychillybin 88 memories of NZ mothers

                      Click image above to see all the 88 memories of NZ mothers.

Be in to win a portrait sitting and 2 mounted prints of your (or a friend's) mother!
Its easy to enter, here is how ...

  1. Before 11.59pm on Mothers Day, Sun 13th May 2012 select your favourite image from the 88 memories of NZ mothers and email its number to
  2. Both you, and the nominated mother to be photographed, must be resident in NZ.
  3. You must be a mychillybin member - register here if not already a member (and must not be a mychillybin photographer).
  4. Photos to be made availlable to add to the mychillybin library of fresh NZ images.
  5. Winner will be drawn and notified by email (and on the designers forum) on Monday 14th May 2012.
Thank you again!
As always, many thanks for your ongoing support - which is creating an ever larger pool of fresh NZ creative and editorial images specially for designers; supporting our onshore economy, and NZ photographers.  Yea!

cheers for now
the mychillybin team

fresh NZ images.  one-off low costs.

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